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Is it possible to have a sustainable and ethically focused fashion brand without it beige-ing your look or breaking the bank? YES, say hello to TOBEFRANK, designed for people who want to know exactly what they’re wearing but who still love fashion. Denim, T-shirts and leather, developed from creatively sourced sustainable fabrics such as recycled fibre, weed dyed cotton, vegetable leather, zero water technology washing and compressed apple juice waste. 

As well as creating clothing from fun stuff like plastic bottles and landfill, TOBEFRANKalso run a charity calledTOBEFRANKFoundation, founded to help the people in the supply chain and their surrounding communities. They pay living wages, implement important training for personal and professional development and support projects including women’s empowerment in the workplace and gender equality initiatives. 

Recent stories in the press and the fact that so many brands are greenwashing, makes the whole subject of sustainability very confusing. Everyone it seems, sees sustainability a little differently. To us, sustainability is creating a stable way of living and working which does not limit our own goals of development and progression and looks after the world for our future generations. So, when fashion is done properly, then it is sustainable. It doesn’t mean banning all clothes and living in a cave (as this isn’t actually sustainable).

As producers and consumers we should know where our fabric comes from, we should know our workers are paid fairly and we should already be using fabrics and materials which do not have a negative impact on the environment. We are transparent about our supply chain and show our processes on the website.  

Is it recycled, using less water, using new technology and of course was it made using low carbon footprint practices? Explaining what sustainability means when it comes to our clothing was the reason behind the Frank code.Every piece has its own story so we’ve stitched four colour circles into every item of clothing to explain the sustainable elements involved in their production. Each one is a different colour and represents a different sustainable asset. If the circle’s filled in it shows the process involved in the production. Working together, the four circles tell the story of every piece of fabric and trim you’re wearing. 

As well as our clobber being sustainable and ethically made, our packaging is all those things too. Our boxes and bags are made from recycled paper and card. Polybags are biodegradable, tissue is recycled paper and all stickers use biodegradable adhesive and are made from 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% hemp and linen. This press release is printed on 100% recycled paper made from coffee cup waste destined for landfill.

We’re not perfect. But we’re learning everyday how to make the world a better place through fashion.




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