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We’ve stitched four colour circles into every item of clothing to explain the sustainable elements involved in their production. Each one is a different colour and represents a different sustainable asset. If the circle’s filled in it shows the process involved in the production.

Each process is scored on fabrics, finishing, trims, water use, and certification. Because we self-scored we have to be strict and make sure we don’t miss anything. If a product rates over 70% then we fill it in if it does not, we keep it empty.

Working together, the four circles tell the story of every piece of fabric and trim you are wearing.

RECYCLED MATERIALS. We use recycled materials such as fabric cuttings destined for landfill. Added to this we make use of ‘abandoned’ yarn or dead stock to create our product ensuring our supply partners are not left with these financial burdens. Recycled trim, recycled thread and of course recycled packaging all form part of our mission to do better!

INNOVATION. Innovation is one of the key driving features at TOBEFRANK. We strive to be leaders in creative and innovative processes which reduce the impact on both our planet and people in our supply chain. Jeanologia, Herb Dyeing and Zero Water Printing techniques are some of the few exciting projects we are working on.


LESS WATER. We use production processes that use a fraction of the water normally used. Like ozone washing our denims and air-washing our T-shirts. Added to this, where we can we will recycle and clean our water. Consistent monitoring and clever ways of working allow us to strive for continuous improvement in ensuring we save as much of this crucial resource as we possibly can.

LOW FOOTPRINT. Whilst being the most complicated and difficult circle to fill we do what we can in order to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we possibly can. Whether it be sourcing from within the same post code, using solar powered factories, or partnering with delivery companies whom have similar goals and aspirations to reduce their emissions, we are continually looking to have as little impact as possible.