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CAMEL: Innovation and Tech


We are constantly working on fabric, trim and finishing development, thinking outside the box at every level. We use materials that come from waste or natural fibres and which do not damage the environment or create unsafe environments for workers.

Such as;

  • Faux leather patches with apple juice waste.

  • Recycled fabric from landfill.

  • Silk-look fabric made from seeds left over from cotton production.

  • Finishing with less water technology.

  • Dying with herb, flowers and vegetables with less chemical use.

    How we want to innovate in 2020/21:

  • Work on colour fixing so only natural chemicals are used.

  • Organic recycled and organic seed fabric.


When we hear stories about the fashion industry being bad for the environment, our first reaction is to throw that new coat away and never shop again. But human beings weren’t born with fur, so we need that delicious coat to keep warm (and look fabulous). Instead, we need to change the way fashion is made. And New Technology is a perfection way to innovate and work with our environment instead of against it.

It’s important for us to use every changing and improving technology to better our ways of manufacturing. We are currently working behind the scenes on the wonderful things.

This is what we do now;

  • We use Laser and ozone technology to finish our denim to limit our water usage and the impact on people.

  • Turning old plastic bottles collected from the ocean into fabrics.

  • Monitoring our energy, water and chemical use using a new tech linked to our mills.

  • Creating colours dyes which only use one natural chemical to fix the colour, the rest is all natural.


This is what were working on;

  • Zero Water denim

  • Transparency Technology to further show how we make our clothing

  • New natural fibre development



All fabric will impact on the environment, but using fabrics which don’t drain our natural resources can make a big difference. At TOBEFRANK, if a fabric we like has a negative impact on people or the environment, we need to figure out how to make its impact positive before using it.

We believe every process in the supply chain needs to be improved. It’s not about cutting anything out completely, its about looking at all the impacts. Our design process normally starts with fabric development. We work closely with our colleagues in Turkey and India to come up with new ideas and interesting developments. We make clothing through unusual processes and have modernised the medieval process of herb-dying.

I have been asked if being sustainable limits our creativity. The answer is a strong ‘no’. Sustainability pushes us to think more broadly about how we can make our clothes.



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