We only make clothing which meet with the our Innovation, Responsibility and Transparency check list. This means that even if we have a great factory, but the fabric we can find uses virgin polyester. We can’t make it, as we never use virgin polyester. This is the same situation if we find the perfect fabric but the mill doesn’t pay above minimum wage. Sustainability does not compromise.



TOBEFRANK started as a brand which turned waste into something new. Giving old plastic or fabric cuttings a new life. A way to control the current demand of production of taking from our environment and not giving back. Using waste to make clothes is a key part and we have to say we love that we can make something new out of something that would normally go into landfill or float on our polluted oceans. As our brand has grown we have now split our focus into two sections to give us more scope when it comes to innovation while retaining our goal to have attainable price points.


This brand was not an overnight invention but a lifetime of development and commitment to do good with fashion as the tool. Frankie Phillips is the founder and designer of TOBEFRANK. Frankie has worked on the concept for years building up her sustainable portfolio and developing a framework to make fashion better. After living and working in Asia and seeing first hand the damage the fashion industry has on people and the environment she became determined to change it. In April 2018 Frankie moved back to England to turn her idea into reality.

Frankie met Mehmet Guner in September 2018 while on a souring trip in Turkey, and an instant bond was formed. Mehmet's background in fibre development, his unique knowledge and incredible sourcing abilities makes him an expert in sustainable development. His constant battle to introduce sustainability into other brands was never ending but now being part of TOBEFRANK, means all of his incredible inventions can be made.

Then in February 2019 Frankie met Nic Hau, he had recently moved from South Africa with his young family and wanted a challenge. He practically grew up on the factory floor and knew what could be done to make the production lines better, this combined with a business background made him the ying to Frankie’s yang. After knowing Frankie for only one month Nic quit his job and a partnership of dreams started.

The three of them have together made TOBEFRANK into the brand Frankie had dreamed of and they are all on the mission to make a difference.

Founder.Sustainability and creative stuff.

As well as UK experience, Frankie lived and worked in Asia for over three years working in design and production, it was here her passion and first-hand experience of sustainability grew. While abroad, Frankie also studied part time three separate Environmental and Sustainable development university courses to expand her knowledge.

Business and serious stuff.

Having spent over a decade working for one of the largest manufacturing companies in South Africa Nic has built his knowledge of the industry from the ground up. Nic’s passion to ensure the longevity of our planet is not only driven by his love for the outdoors but for his young family too.

Sourcing and fibre development stuff.

Mehmet is a textile engineer with over 20 years of experience in textile production working with very large and well known retailers. His career has focused on creating and implementing sustainable solutions to fabric and finishing productions . Mehmet is based in Istanbul / Turkey,

Commitment to do good with fashion as the tool

- Frankie Phillips


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