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The Plant Waste Dyed Range

Created with organic cotton, dyed with plant waste.

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Reclaimed Made in UK.

Recycled fabric, Made in the UK.

Made in London, this range is made from fabrics, thread, lining and buttons all found in the factory in Stoke Newington.

On Average 20% of all fabric ordered by other brands is left over from every produc- tion. This can be caused by bad planning, last minute changes or just forgotten.

Frankie our founder dusted off fabrics found under cutting tables, linings found in storage and buttons in boxes, to build this limited edition range.

Most of the fabrics used in this range sourced from a brilliant mill in Italy. The fabrics range from silk’s, cotton twills and woollen blends. Due to the nature of how we found these fabrics this range is limited edition. Sometimes only producing 10 pieces of each styles.

This range is about reclaiming what has been forgotten, giving old fabrics a new life while celebrating UK workmanship.


New In Plant Dyed Range

Dyed with Plant and Food Waste

Say hello to our new natural range. We have been working for a long time to perfect this innovation and are so excited to bring it to the world. The dyes are made from food waste, walnut shells, olive leaves – all using natural minerals to fix the colour. The energy used is a fraction of what is normally used due to cold water dying and the amount of water used is cut in half and of course reused.

As a brand we use rubbish, things left over, and we love we can make something new out of something wasted. This new range is a natural progression to a more natural product – while still sticking to our recycling roots.

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Using fashion as as tool to do good.

We know fashion can do better. Everything we create as been tracked and monitored so we can keep our negative impact low and our positive imapct high. We proudly document our products journey, from certifications to photos of production.


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