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COP26 is here! and we all need to listen!

Posted by Frankie Phillips on

“Our planet has been telling us for years it’s had enough, why didn’t we listen?”


How is it that the time the world went mad for single use plastic and cheap fast fashion was the time the UN told the world our planet was in trouble? Instead of taking action we decided to treat the planet worse!! it doesn't make sense does it?


COP26 marks the 26th UN conference of parties to accelerate actions to prevent climate change getting any worse. 26 years of ‘apparent’ action against climate change!! Years of NGO's fighting, scientists shouting, agreements finally being made... then governments dragging their feet.


Our world leaders have had ample warning. In 1987 The Bruntland Report was published, warning us of what was happening. 34 Years later and were still talking about it. Politicians need to stop pretending to care and prioritise our global human survival over fossil fuel profits.


As a brand we may be small, but we stand for more than just better clothing. We stand with other small businesses making big changes to change all industries. It’s hard as one person to feel we can make an impact, especially when even the billionaires who could save the world with one click are instead chasing each other to moon. But! We do make a difference, every person, every action has an impact and it all really does change the world we live in.


I am excited to be at COP26 this year. Representing TOBEFRANK and The Rubbish Fashion Company I’m honoured to be part of a few events up in Glasgow, from Cambridge University this week and RSK group Next week. As a climate activist running a responsible business I am excited to have a bigger platform to be listened in. This COP is so important as it marks 5 years since the Paris agreement was signed. The commitments which are made this week is our last chance to save our future on this planet.


Please get involved, follow COP on social @cop26uk. Talk to your companies about what they are doing to fight climate change and discuss COP with your family and friends.


Thanks so much for reading,





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