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Posted by Frankie Phillips on


“IN 1 second we have destroyed our only home”

The fires in Australia are heart-breaking, I am struggling to think of any words to describe what is happening and how we find ourselves in this situation of complete helplessness. 


I found out today that the government were warned in a 2008 report (commission by themselves) warning them that global warming would cause the nations fire seasons to start earlier and continue for longer, they predicted this would start in 2020. It’s 2020 and Australia’s fires have already burned through 17.9 million acres of land, killing 24 people and thousands of wildlife.


 “They knew it would happen”


The people in charge knew it would happen, so why did they not do something to stop it? Australia’s main energy resource is coal, this is a fossil fuel. They knew burning fossil fuels would create greenhouse gases which would therefore increase the temperate of the earths’ climate, which would in turn create warmer weather. The fires started due to an extreme heat wave. 


As this horror story continues you’d think it would scare the government’s into making a change. But no. (However, I’m sure if Scott Morrison’s house was burnt to the ground and his wallet turned to dust, he would probably change his financial decisions and stop supporting the coal industry)

 “They will be deeply deeply ashamed of us”

How did we get to this mad sad situation? Our great great grandchildren will hear stories of us making everything out of plastic and throwing it away after one use, creating energy by burning fossil fuels even though we have many other greener options, wasting food and using clean drinking water to flush our toilets; and they will be deeply deeply ashamed of us. 


No wonder we are producing too much greenhouse gasses, no wonder the environment is dying, we have lived like we don’t care. The Earth has been doing its thing for 4.543 billion years, to understand how little time we have been around let’s image the Earth formed at midnight and the current moment is the next midnight, 24 hours later, modern humans have been around since 11:59:59pm—1 second. In 1 second we have destroyed our only home.


Even though to many of us Australia is very far away, and just because we can’t smell the burning or hear the screaming, it may feel like this isn’t happening to us. But it is, this our earth, our home, it’s happening to all of us. To quote Greta Thunberg, “Our house is on fire”


This is an emotional time, people have lost their homes, and some have lost their lives. This is now a global emergency and it looks like Australia’s coal loving leader isn’t going to do anything to stop it let alone help. If we are relying on egotistical grey hair gout ridden leaders to make change and decide on issues that will save humanity but probably not benefit their wallets, we’ve got no chance. So, it’s up to us. You and me. We need to come together to make a change.

 “So, it’s up to us. You and me. We need to come together to make a change”


We can all make changes to the way we live, but right now, we can donate money to help the people in Australia to stop these fires and then help them rebuild what they have lost..

Please donate to:


We need to protect our earth.

Love you all,

Frankie xx


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