Tee prices range between £22-£25

Launches online 12/11/20

More information see www.tbfuk.com

Media contact: Nicholas Hau nicholas@tbfuk.com

Together people WILL listen.

London based sustainable fashion brand TOBEFRANK partner with music artist Woody Cook to launch the 'Unite and Fight' t-shirt range.

This collaboration is more than just printed tees! It’s a call for unity, it’s a call for you to be heard, be seen and be part of a movement to acknowledge that ACTION needs to be taken NOW.

Woody connected with TOBEFRANK at the end of last year, Woody had started to become a more conscious shopper and took a keen interest in climate change becoming more passionate about making a difference. But like many people around the world, he did not know what to do or where to start.

Woody became drawn to TOBEFRANK and their uncompromising approach in the creation of their clothing. Not only do TOBEFRANK consider each and every item of sourced material when creating a range, they look at the least impactful way to transport and deliver the garments too, whilst ensuring their supply chain partners are working in a conducive and safe environment.

The words ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ are plastered across our newspapers, social media and television on a daily basis, but unlike what a certain mop haired American says it is NOT just about warmer or colder weather. Scientists estimate dozens of species of plants and animals are going extinct each day by nearly 1,000 times the natural rate. At the current pace, by mid-century as many as 50 percent of the total species found on Earth will have disappeared due to our actions and neglect for the planet and ALL its inhabitants.

Sadly, leaders have not been taking these risks seriously enough due to the many causes of global warming being profitable businesses such as fossil fuels, palm oil and deforestation for agriculture. But YOU AND I can take this seriously and come together to make a stand… And this is the awareness TOBEFRANK and Woody hope to create through the collaboration.

TOBEFRANKS ‘Rubbish Range’ encapsulates everything the company stands for! Woody was drawn to the ethical process and strong message the range delivers and wanted to be involved in not only promoting the message, but combining this with his strong beliefs and vision for what needs to be done

The words printed across these t-shirts are Woody’s words. They are not thought up by a design team or moulded to create a message for hype. These words are from him, from his heart.


We need to Unite and fight, while there’s still light. It’s our future and it’s our choice.


Fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world, but it does not need to be this way. It can be more considerate, more ethical, and far less harmful on our home, our planet. It is the single largest employer in the world so it can make the biggest difference if done RIGHT!

These collaboration tees have been made from leftover production waste and abandoned fibre due to brands turning their backs on their supply chain when Covid hit. Sourced from within the same postcode and using no additional water, no additional chemicals and fully traceable certification to show that we are not talking BS! The thread is recycled, the wash-care is recycled, and all prints have been done using environmentally friendly approved ink. Garments travel in a biodegradable poly bag and are delivered in a biodegradable mailer bag.

All information, certification and detail about the tees can be found on the website with further details are available on the TOBEFRANK impact page.

Fashion can be better and TOBEFRANK have PROVEN how to do it! Join TOBEFRANK and Woody and let’s Unite and Fight for OUR FUTURE! The Woody Cook capsule includes three unisex T’shirts and a selection of Woody’s favourite pieces from the Rubbish Range.


TOBEFRANK is a fashion brand solving problems across the whole fashion supply chain on a mission to clean up fashion. Their focus is on the two most damaging product categories being jersey and denim, showing that making clothing in a sustainable way does not need to cost the earth.

TOBEFRANK is about honesty, they show their supply chain and even proudly show pages from their factory audits online for all to see. Every garment has a recycled embroidered ‘Frank Code’ Which visualises the garments sustainability rating out of 100%. It covered Recycled, Carbon footprint, Innovation and less water.

TOBEFRANK’s most recent range is made from recycled fibres and abandoned fibre due to brands and retailers walking away from their commitments to their supply chains when COVID hit. Instead, TOBEFRANK worked with their supply chain to help each other through this difficult time.

TOBEFRANK may be made of rubbish, but not full of rubbish.


Woody Cook Bio:

Fresh off The Circle TV show and Celebrity Gogglebox, Woody Cook is 19 year old from Brighton. Born to both DJ Norman Cook and Radio Host Zoe Ball, he hopes to use music, podcasts and his platform to spread positivity. He believes that through unity and educating each other we can make a substantial difference in mental health, the environment and our culture.

Leading to the collaboration with TOBEFRANK after he found out about them. ‘We have the same mission. A lot of people in power are not doing the right thing. So it takes us to unite and do the right thing as we are stronger together.’

Woody is also starting up a Record Label/Media company called Truth Tribe, in which he hopes to unite people through music while also using his platform to spread important information and help support people who are doing the right thing.